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Wife. Mom. Educator.

Seek motivation and encouragement through the works of Airreia Pierce in Greensboro, North Carolina. She offers inspirational books, coaching sessions, and other related services. Through her knowledge and experience, she guides people towards their goals while staying true to themselves and helping to point people back to a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Have you ever struggled with your identity? Felt like you were living beneath the potential of who you were created to be? Then this book is for you. Discover once and for all how your true identity is found in Jesus Christ alone. You are invited to take center stage and self-examine how your life aligns with the life that He has crafted for you.


Put Down the Mask: Embrace the REAL You will encourage and support you in your decision to put down any masks that have been hiding your real self, the real you that the world needs to see. People do themselves an injustice being anyone else, other than the person God designed. Unfortunately, through life experiences, the real self becomes suppressed and other personas are adapted as coping mechanisms. The journey to self-discovery has led you to finally embrace the REAL You!

What's New?

"The BEAR Necessities of Life Series," was launched in 2022 that began with six books in the series specifically designed for birth up to six years old to help children foster a healthy social-emotional development, understanding of their identity in Christ, positive affirmations, and biblical character that they can GROW on while connecting through the stories of different bears. These stories will use bright illustrations, rhythmic words, scripture, and simple prayers for young children to learn to apply to their lives. As an added bonus, parents will be able to reflect and journal in the back of the book as a way to remember their children's experiences through various seasons of life and life lessons learned. The series has grown to a total of 9 books. The newest book "I am BEARY Resilient" will be released February 22, 2025 at the Legacy of Love: Grief Workshop and Book Launch event in honor of my late father. 

Pre-Order NOW! I am BEARY Resilient

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