Author Airreia Pierce

Wife, Mother, Educator, Author

"Even if abstinence was not your first choice, celibacy until marriage is available through the power of Jesus and a choice."--Airreia Pierce

My first book is entitled God’s Gift to the World: Preservation of Virginity for Singles for a purpose. To preserve means that something is in danger of being extinct in this sex-saturated world. We are called to the ministry of reconciliation through Jesus Christ, to bring a message of hope, unconditional love, for those who are broken and lost in a world of sin. It is God’s desire to see His holiness displayed in the nations across the world, preserving the gift of virginity, and viewing sex as more than merely physical acts, but the spiritual and emotional ties associated with sex. The best gift to the world has been Jesus who preserves our life through redemption of our sins. He is the great redeemer and brings restoration to our lives. He alone has the power to preserve our virginity until marriage. Even if abstinence was not a first choice, it is not too late.

God says that our bodies are His temple and we should present them as living sacrifices, pleasing and holy acceptable unto Christ. God envisions His Daughters and Sons from different parts of the world, making the commitment in their hearts to keep their bodies pure until marriage. Our loving Father saw us struggling in our sins, helpless and dying. Yet, He loved us so much  that He provided a cure: Jesus. For those who believe, the blood of Jesus washes us clean, making us new and whole in Him. Often, when we turn away from God after He has shown His unconditional love to us and give His body away to others. We forget who it was that kept us safe and protected us all those times. We sometimes forget that it is because of Him that we are able to live. When we continuously give our bodies away, we get nothing in return. In the long run, we are losing out.

God’s Gift to the World: Preservation of Virginity for Singles empowers and encourages purity among teens and older adult singles to know that life is more than just waiting until sex for marriage. More importantly, God is calling us to a marriage to Him first and always. He wants to remain our first love even when we are married. He desires that we all seek intimate relationships with Him to learn His desires and ways. We are His design, created for His purpose, for His glory. So let us give Him what He wants from us: mind, soul, and body.

Airreia uniquely combines research, statistics, personal experiences, interviews of individuals, poetry, and scriptures to emphasize the importance of preserving virginity in a sex-saturated society. These are the strategies that Airreia used to help her find deliverance from premarital sex and experience restoration of purity through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Upon reading God’s Gift to the World: Preservation of Virginity for Singles, you will be able to:

-Learn the spiritual, emotional, and physical consequences of premarital sex

-Understand the right motive of saving self until marriage is because God loves us unconditionally and wants us to see ourselves as being precious in His sight (“You are precious in my sight and I love you” –Isaiah 43:4)

-Help reduce teen pregnancy and disease rates

-Present abstinence and celibacy in a positive light (not restrictions, rules), but out of a love relationship with the Father, a covenant made with God, just as we promise to remain faithful to our husband and wives, vowing to remain faithful, preserving one’s self until marriage

-Develop a healthy self-esteem and identity, viewing self as fearfully and wonderfully made

-Encourage parents in building healthy communication with teens to talk about difficult issues, questions about sex, nurturing purity in minds, body, soul

-Empower singles to build intimate relationships with God, receive His unconditional love and forgiveness, experience true repentance, and restoration of purity

-Overcome bondage and addictions from past hurts

-Build healthy dating relationships with others

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