Author Airreia Pierce

Wife, Mother, Educator, Author, Speaker

Pinky Promise

Often in an infertility journey, one is faced with moments of despair, depression, frustration, shame, and pain. Pinky Promise: Journey of Faith in the Waiting's sole purpose is to remind individuals who have been given a promise from God to continue to stand firm until it comes to pass. It is time to move beyond the pit of despair to recognizing the victory that you have as an overcomer through Jesus Christ. Be encouraged and inspired to continue in your journey as your faith is reignited.

Statistics show that 1 in 8 couples (women and men) who desire to have children will be faced with the challenges of infertility and/or miscarriages. My husband and I were once that statistic. We continued to hold on to a word given by God that gave us hope in the darkness that one day we would have children. For some, the place between the promise and manifestation of that promise can be discouraging from time to time. It is my hope that through my book, many will be encouraged and awareness for the need for Infertility support will spread.

  • Be reminded of the promises of God to stand on during your storm
  • Identify the causes of infertility and accept God’s truth in response to facts that you may have
  • Encourage couples dealing with infertility to continue to trust God no matter what
  • Learn about natural foods that can promote healthy fertility
  • Connect with a faith-based support group of individuals who are on the journey so that you know you are not alone
  • Grow as an advocate to increase awareness about infertility in our community and provide support

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